Auto Paint Protection Film

Auto Paint Protection Film offered by China manufacturer Leidu Material Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Buy high quality Auto Paint Protection Film right now! 

Auto paint protection film is also known as body invisible protective film. It is a high performance film. Light and transparent, with super toughness.

Auto paint protection film can effectively prevent scratches, small stones and sand.

Auto paint protection film can also perfectly adhere to the surface of the car paint, so that the car paint is isolated from the air. Effective anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, lasting protection of your car's paint.

The advantages of Auto paint protection film ?

Protecting the paint can resist the damage of sand, asphalt, acid rain, bird droppings, gasoline, grease, weak alkali, etc. to the paint surface, and isolate and protect the original car paint.

Brightness improvement has good scratch coverage ability and can increase the brightness of the car paint by 30%.

Self-repairing super softness and memory, can repair small scratches by itself.

Water-repellent and anti-fouling with anti-fouling waterproof coating, eliminate insect corpses, bird droppings, gum and other corrosion, car paint is easier to take care of. Physical protection protects the paint by physical means; no edge, no cracking, tearing without damaging the paint, no glue left; second-hand cars are more valuable.

Save time and effort for passive accidents, the auto paint protection film can be used for insurance claims; minor scratches and bumps, no need to paint, no insurance.

Really save money and save all paint maintenance projects such as paint waxing, coating, and crystal coating, and the number of car washes is reduced.