Car Wrap Vinyl Film

Car Wrap Vinyl Film offered by China manufacturer Leidu Material Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Buy high quality Car Wrap Vinyl Film right now! The PVC Car Wrap Vinyl Film is mainly attached to the surface of the car body through polymer materials and is easy to remove.

Car Wrap Vinyl Film is divided into PET Car Wrap Vinyl Film and PVC Car Wrap Vinyl Film.

PVC Car Wrap Vinyl Film refers to a film that changes the appearance of the whole car or part of it by covering and pasting it as a whole through high-molecular polyvinyl chloride.

How to distinguish PVC Car Wrap Vinyl Film from PET color-changing film? That is, PET color-changing film is not the material of the color-changing film, but the material of the color-changing film base paper or release film. Therefore, PET color-changing film only refers to the high-density air-conducting double-bottom PET layer, which is PET, and does not represent the material of the entire color-changing film. What is the difference between the two?

PVC Car Wrap Vinyl Film refers to a film that changes the appearance of the entire vehicle or part of the vehicle by covering and pasting the entire vehicle with high-molecular polyvinyl chloride. The base paper is generally 160 grams of double-leaf release paper (known as the third-generation color-changing film in the industry), with small square or diamond-shaped air guide grooves, and the film surface is relatively flat. The earliest first-generation and second-generation color-changing films used a 120-gram single-leaf bottom paper structure, which has been eliminated. PET color-changing film refers to a color-changing film with the fourth-generation high-density air-conducting double-leaf bottom PET as the base film.