Auto window tint film

What is auto window tint film?

What is auto window tint film?

  • Monday, 10 July 2023
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What is auto window tint film?

After the car owner buys a new car, in addition to insurance, the most important thing is to put a auto window tint film on the new car. So what is a car film and why should it be pasted? Car film is divided into auto window tint film?

and auto paint protection film. Auto window tint film is also called solar film. The solar Auto window tint film mainly has 5 layers, which are wear-resistant outer layer, safety base layer, heat insulation layer, UV protection layer, and adhesive layer. Each layer of Auto window tint film has its own purpose and properties.

What is auto window tint film? What is auto window tint film?

The benefits of Auto window tint film:

Cars have become the most common means of transportation in modern times. Car maintenance and driving safety are also very important. Auto window tint film can reduce the injury of people in the car when an accident occurs. In addition, what are the benefits of Auto window tint film?

Heat insulation and sun protection: Auto window tint film can effectively block the heat of infrared light in the sun, and have a considerable heat insulation and sun protection effect, which is also the most important function of heat insulation film.

Reduce air-conditioning load: Auto window tint film can effectively reduce the loss of air-conditioning, because the auto window tint film has the effect of heat insulation and sun protection, which can reduce the loss of air-conditioning in the car and save fuel consumption.

Blocking ultraviolet rays: Auto window tint film can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays from irradiating. Ultraviolet rays will cause a certain degree of aging on the human body and vehicle interiors. Auto window tint film can block most of the ultraviolet rays.

Explosion-proof and splash-proof: The Auto window tint film of the car is mainly polyester film, which is flexible and can effectively resist penetration. In case of accidental impact, it can prevent the glass from splashing and effectively reduce the injury of the driver and passengers.

Protect the privacy inside the car: The glass of new cars does not have privacy. It is generally transparent glass. Auto window tint film can protect one's private space. You can choose the style of the film, and the inside of the car cannot be seen from the outside.

Suggestions for purchasing auto window tint film

Light transmittance: The light transmittance of the front shield must be greater than 70%, and the distance at night is greater than 6 meters and clear.

Thermal insulation rate: Infrared blocking rate, ultraviolet blocking rate, and total solar energy blocking rate should be compared to select the one with the best performance and the most suitable price.

Touch: The touch of the car film pays attention to the combination of feel, smell and color. The high-quality auto window tint film is thicker, smoother and smoother. Inferior film is thin and easy to wrinkle. High-quality auto window tint film has no peculiar smell, and inferior car film will produce unpleasant smell, and there may be benzene substances harmful to human body.

Color: From the point of view of color, the color of high-quality auto window tint film is uniform, and it is perfectly integrated with the Auto window tint film. The material of inferior auto window tint film is uneven, the heat insulation effect is not good, and it is easy to foam and fall off.

What is auto window tint film? What is auto window tint film?

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